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Tennis Equipment

Tennis Equipment

Tennis Equipment includes all needed to play the tennis game.

What is tennis?

Tennis is a game played by two or four opponent players, who strike a ball using a racket, over a net to the opponent’s court, aiming to cause the opponent failing to return the ball.

The necessary equipment for playing the game includes a ball and a racket.
More attached and natural complimentary equipment is appropriate shoes, clothes, bags, beverage containers, towels and more.

Tennis is a popular game, and it is played by millions all over the world, whether professionally or just for fun and exercise.
More than that, the game is vastly adopted at all ages and even handicapped on wheelchairs play the game as well.

Tennis is an Olympic primary game at a national level. There are other yearly tournaments all over the world, being the Grand Slam series, the most prestigious, offering opportunities for huge money prizes and world ranking positions.

The tennis game is so popular everywhere and at all ages that created a huge demand for equipment and accessories.
This demand is fulfilled by many manufacturers and reputable dedicated brands, offering a vast range of prices and quality.

The most important item for playing the game is the “tennis racket”.
In the early days, rackets were made of wood and gut strings. As technology evolved, new materials were introduced, providing more power and more durability.
Ceramic, Titanium and carbon graphite, combined with synthetic strings, are the components of modern rackets.

It is important to adapt the tennis racket to the player, as every player is a unique individual, at a certain age, with a personal height, and different hands.
On the other hand, manufacturers realized the different needs of different player, so they produce a vast range of racket models.

The second important item is the tennis ball.
Balls are made of hollow vulcanized rubber and a felt coat, they must weigh between 56.0 and 59.4 g, being their diameter 65.41–68.58 mm, to be considered official balls.
In the early tennis days, ball color was white, however, nowadays, most of them are yellow, as it improves visibility.

Besides these two items, players use additional personal clothes, shoes, towels and other accessories, some of them are in use only when training.

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